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12 Skyrim Rookie Mistakes

Morals do not exist in Skyrim, unless you try and kill a chicken – the holiest of creatures within the realm – after that, it is a steep learning curve. With the Dragonborn expansion newly available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, here is a list of 12 rookie mistakes made by gamers. 

Which crimes will you own up to?

  1. Do not make your character look like Sean Bean, because the chances are that you will die a lot more. 
  2. Do not try and ride your horse down a cliff. Trust me.
  3. Do not stray from the path as a new player: you will get eaten by bears or frost trolls or everything that exists (and yet somehow, without it making much sense, still be able to slay dragons).
  4. If you suspect that dark figure near that creepy tree is bandit, if they look like a bandit or even if they don’t look like a bandit, they are probably a bandit.
  5. There is no moral high ground on Skyrim, but there is high ground and shooting at mammoths from atop pointy rocks.
  6. If something looks like a set-up, it probably is.
  7. Strategically placing yourself on a cliff in order to FUS RO DAH ferocious wild animals off said cliff is only funny the first 10 times – kidding, that one never gets old.
  8. The scenery is pretty, but spend too long looking at it and something will eat you. 
  9. Chug health potions as if your life depends on it… because, well, it does.
  10. Do not kill the bandits at Cragslane Cavern before trying to become Thane of Riften. It will be the one small thing that frustrates you more than anything else when the buggers don’t respawn and the quest cannot be completed.
  11. Never check to see how many hours you have been playing Skyrim, or you will only depress yourself.
  12. Never tell anyone else how many hours you have been playing Skyrim; they will not understand and suggest you go outside/get a job/significant other/have a shower. They are wrong… well, not about the shower part. 

Anymore Skyrim faux pas I’ve missed? Swallow your shame and share the rookie mistakes you have committed. 

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